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    Rebates Availiable! Birmingham WISE

    Smart Living Home & Energy has teamed up with Nexus Energy to get home owners federal funds from the stimulus act to make their homes more energy efficient. It is called the Birmingham Wise Program. Working with its partners, Birmingham WISE is able to provide up to $750 in rebates to homeowners who install efficiency measures that result in an energy savings of at least 20%. For the average homeowner, the end result typically equals a savings of 15-30% in home energy costs, which also significantly increases the home’s resell value. Download more info about Birmingham Wise here. Fill out the Contact Us box to the right to get your Rebates!

    $99 Energy Audit! (Living Social)

    Starting tomorrow, June 6th we're running a deal on Living Social At Home for a $99 Energy Audit. The deal will run for one week so get on and get one while you can!!

    5 Reasons to get a home energy audit:

    1.  It could save your life!  A home energy auditor could detect combustion safety problems from gas ovens that may be producing too much carbon monoxide or atmospheric combustion appliances (gas water heaters, gas furnaces, etc.) borrowed from Energy Vanguard.

    2.  It can save you money!  We can find the energy draining areas of your home and give you the most cost-effective solutions.  The result:  reduce your home operating costs for the next two decades (at least).

    3.  It can make your home more comfortable.  Get rid of the drafty areas and the hot and cold spots in a manner that results in energy savings!

    4.  You do not have to worry about a huge capital investment.  New windows and doors is probably the last thing we will recommend.  There's not much payback in energy savings as far as that goes.  We focus on sealing air leakage sites, and there is usually a great payback on that.

    5.  You have a clear roadmap to increase your home performance.  Getting started can be an overwhelming and unorganized task.  Let us clarify your top priorities and help you achieve the level of home perfomance you desire.



    Retro-fit customer saves big!

    This is a snapshot comparison of one of our retro-fit customer's natural gas and electricity bills.  The graph shows the before and after of the retrofit. 

    In under a year we've helped them save $1500!  And that's just the beginning...




    Spray foam installation

    We're currently consulting on the design of a new home in Mountain Brook.  We've installed 2-inches of closed-cell foam and are installing fiberglass batts on top of that.

    This was our most cost-effective solution to get both a great air barrier and a high thermal resistance value.  Here's a video of the spray foam "artist" at work.  Pretty cool stuff.