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    Full Diagnostic Audit

    A full diagnostic energy audit is the recommended method for understanding your house as a system, learning how your home's various components affect each other, and discovering how you can make your home perform better -- in terms of energy efficiency, building durability, safety, and comfort. 

    The following steps are taken in the full diagnostic audit:

    1. We conduct a walkthrough of your home (preferrably with a tenant) to get a better understanding of troubled areas in the home system. 

    2. We use state of the art diagnostic equipment to test indoor air quality, quantify air leakage, and find specific areas in the home that need work.

    3. We provide a detailed report with recommendations to fix your problems while getting the best return on your investment in terms of comfort and energy savings.  (We are qualified to perform most of the retrofitting tasks ourselves.  And if we cannot or you would rather use someone else we have a vast network of contractors that can do a great job.)


    5 reasons to get a home energy audit! 


    Contact us and we'll customize a solution for your home to prepare for the upcoming winter!